Thursday, October 14, 2010

two seventy nine

Monday, October 12th

So my car broke down on State St. on the way to work today. 
Some girls got out to help me push and a nice guy from BYU stopped to help, as well as a man on a bike. The man on the bike only spoke Spanish but he knew a lot about cars, so the other guy translated. I heard the words mujer and ella a lot, which cannot be good. Luckily I got to work safely, but when I got home my coolant was gone again so we think there's a leak. Car stuff freaks me out and I usually used to let Matt deal with it. I think my roommates could tell I was stressed so they called Adam for a flashlight and he came and helped for like three hours. And like six other people came for moral support. They came to WalMart with us to get supplies and it's lame but I am really grateful that they came over without me having to ask. It made me feel a lot better.

Adam talking to the guy at WalMart while we stood around looking pretty.

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