Monday, October 25, 2010

I just realized that I'm a day off in my counting. And it happened in September. Not gonna go back and fix it!

two ninety two

Monday, October 25th
Best FHE ever. We played Quidditch in the Stake Center parking lot and had a dance party with hula hoops after. 

two ninety one

Sunday, October 24th
We had Ward Conference today and a really good talk with the Stake RS Presidency.
Matt's keychain.
Super unrelated.

two ninety

Saturday, October 23rd
Cam, Moe and I went to see Kevin play in the Orchestra at Temple Square in the Conference Center. I was definitely too scared to take a picture so Kevin did it for me.

two eighty nine

Friday, October 22nd
There was a flash mob faking a wedding reception on campus! Definitely worth being late to class for...

two eighty eight

Thursday, October 21st
Waiting for Steve and Amy to pick me up so I could take them to the airport.

two eighty seven

Wednesday, October 20th
I went to dinner with Brittney, Cameron and Zach.
There was definitely a bedazzled zebra in the women's bathroom.
Stay classy, Pizza Pie Cafe.

two eighty six

Tuesday, October 19th
Driving home from work.

two eighty five

Monday, October 17th!
Painting final. That class is over now and I have much more time.

two eighty four

Sunday, October 17th
Adam took me and Kevin to his sisters' house for dinner. We entertained ourselves on the piano while they were cooking. His sisters were so nice and dinner was awesome.

two eighty three

Saturday, October 16th

Moe, Kevin and Adam.
We at at some ghetto Mexican restaurant and talked about weird baby names and then played pool. And then I'm pretty sure we watched a movie.

two eighty two

Friday, October 15th

We played Murder in the Dark at the Stake Center.
A LOT of people "died" and ended up playing dead in the RS room.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

two eighty one

Thursday, October 14th
I hate the rotating New! sign in the Bookstore display cabinet. It's weird!

two eighty

So Beth and I planned to have lunch on campus and ended up running into like six people from our ward. So fun!

two seventy nine

Monday, October 12th

So my car broke down on State St. on the way to work today. 
Some girls got out to help me push and a nice guy from BYU stopped to help, as well as a man on a bike. The man on the bike only spoke Spanish but he knew a lot about cars, so the other guy translated. I heard the words mujer and ella a lot, which cannot be good. Luckily I got to work safely, but when I got home my coolant was gone again so we think there's a leak. Car stuff freaks me out and I usually used to let Matt deal with it. I think my roommates could tell I was stressed so they called Adam for a flashlight and he came and helped for like three hours. And like six other people came for moral support. They came to WalMart with us to get supplies and it's lame but I am really grateful that they came over without me having to ask. It made me feel a lot better.

Adam talking to the guy at WalMart while we stood around looking pretty.

two seventy eight

I had lunch on campus with Moe and Dustin.

Across from our table we saw a man in a cherry picker trying to unravel a BYU flag. It literally took him like ten minutes haha.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

two seventy seven

Sunday, October 10th
Fast Sunday! Today was a good church day. I missed it because we had Conference last week. And you know what Fast Sunday at BYU means...Break the Fast! Adam and Kevin were super amused by my scarf and started acting like European models.

two seventy six

Saturday, October 9th
I went to lunch with Moe, Dustin, Cam and Kevi at Cafe Rio :D

two seventy five

Friday, October 8th
We had game night at Jessica's. Uno is so much more fun when you make up your own rules.
And then, of course, we played signs. My sign was *ultimate punch!*

two seventy four

Thursday, October 7th
I draw when I get bored in class.

two seventy three

Still life in my painting class.

two seventy two

Went to WalMart with Quintella and Moe Moe Fo Sho Sho. This sticker was on one of the cars in the parking lot.

Monday, October 4, 2010

two seventy one

First rain of the season! I love the puddles.

two seventy

A group of us drove up the Alpine Loop and walked around in the mountains after Conference. The leaves are turning fally and we had an...interesting game of Would You Rather?

two sixty nine

We built a conference fort!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

two sixty eight

Friday, October 1st
We went stargazing on the other side of Utah Lake.
I learned from the last time we went and wore tons of layers and brought all the blankets I and my three man army could carry.
Tonight was one of those roll down your windows, rock to radio, larger than life nights.

two sixty seven

Thursday, September 30th
I definitely skipped class today to watch Sex and the City with my roommate, Moe.
The night before was just too late to be any kind of productive the next day.
I love me some Moelicious.