Friday, June 25, 2010

one seventy two

What? I'm single.
Just kidding. I was trying to take a picture of this dude's head tattoo and he started to turn around before I got a good picture. Also I really like this shadow.


Sorry for the super small and crappy quality pictures lately! I got obsessed with my new phone and didn't realize the pictures would be so small.

Also I will try to upload pictures more often than every two weeks! (This is for you, Mo).

one seventy one

I bought the wrong color.

one seventy

Options options options. Sometimes too many.

one sixty nine

The Shred Shack has become a daily pit stop. They spray sour concentrate on anything you want. Addicting...

one sixty eight

First day of Summer Term. I'm so excited to take a ceramics class. Just look at all those heads.

one sixty seven

Construction on campus.

one sixty six

Jeff asked me to sub two art classes for him at Thanksgiving Point. The first class was hell on earth. The second class was heaven. 

one sixty five

I went to a double bridal shower for Matt's cousins at the Hardin house. I was there for two hours and forgot to take a picture until I was leaving! Just imagine this room full of 30 women and lots of lingerie.

one sixty four

Walking home.

one sixty three

Gangster Props.

one sixty two

I helped Aundrea and her mom paint Gallery 303 today. So fun.

one sixty one

one sixty

(june 13)

Y mountain is beautiful when it's actually green!

one fifty nine

The secret door at work. Creepy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010