Monday, November 22, 2010

three twenty

Monday, November 22nd

Today, I might have slept through my only class. Moe made me go to campus anyway to work on Art History, which meant carrying my 20 pound book like a baby. When we went to Brick Oven, it only seemed appropriate to put it in the baby seat in the bathroom.


I walked a new way home and found this awesome house. I want a teal house.

three nineteen

Sunday, November 21st
Moe, C-money, Kelsi, Tara. My ward is awesome for many reasons, but the most obvious being that we know how to party. I basically party hopped all night. Booyah. 

Then Kevin taught us how to make Danish Ebelskivers. I want you to know that I spelled that without googling it and I was right the first time. I'm awesome. 

three eighteen

Saturday, November 20th

Another great day started off with me taking ridiculous pictures of myself in the old dressing rooms at work. It was my last day there so I had to finish off the tradition strong. 

And then maybe I broke my no-campus-on-the-weekend rule and went to take a test. My homeboy Carl Maeser was all wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug.

And then I got to see Kelsey Anne and Ambie! We went to Emmy's wedding reception in Salt Lake. So quaint. 

The drive home was interesting. 

And then Brittney Ann had a pirate party in which I wore an eye patch and a gold hoop and sang ridiculous karaoke. What a great day.

three seventeen

Friday, November 19th

My visiting teacher made me candy turkeys. Lauren ftw!
Also the Relief Society put on a girls' night where we learned about beauty, hair and makeup (not mutually exclusive). The best thing Shana said was that we should take time to care for our appearances, but then when we walk out the door, our time should be devoted to serving others. Love it. And then I may or may not have done something awesome with my friends. I forget what we did. Oh yeah, we went hot tubbing. And planned a roadtrip. I love my life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

three sixteen

Thursday, November 18th

Quinette makes awesome turkey noises with her throat. Too bad you can't hear it. I'm just glad she's holding a turkey.

three fifteen

Wednesday, November 17th

Nice PR, SlimFast.

three fourteen

Tuesday, November 16th

Why this picture is upside down...I have no idea.

I may or may not have skipped class to eat thai food and shop at Riverwoods with Brittney...

And then we went to WalMart and stared at the cute puffer fish that swims up and down the corner of the fish tank. Doesn't Adam look like a mannequin?

Monday, November 15, 2010

three thirteen

Monday, November 15th
Driving with Quinette. We used her cosmetology license to buy bad, bad things like discounted OPI nail polish and beautiful, beautiful hair products.

Post Edit:

Moe and I went to WalMart and found this awesome Tink oneside. Of course she had to try it on.

three twelve

Sunday, November 14th
Cassandra trying to whistle haha.

three eleven

Saturday, November 13th
I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at the MOA with Kevin and Cameron. He's amazing. I love art!

And then we went to a surprise birthday party for Beth! This is Stephanie. She has a condition.

three ten

Moe and I went on a manly lunch trip to Home Depot with Austin.

Naturally, we played in the dog houses.

Friday, November 12th

three oh nine

Thursday, November 11th
That is one big ass apple.

three oh eight

Wednesday, November 10th
Freaking construction!

three oh seven

Tuesday, November 9th

three oh six

Monday, November 8th
Rain Drain.

three oh five

Sunday, November 7th
We watched the fireside in a room on campus after Break the Fast.

three oh four

Saturday, November 6th
This didn't make the DI cut.

Friday, November 5, 2010

three oh three

Friday, November 5th
The view from Lava Living. Yes, I went back.


So...Adam wanted me to draw a half sleeve on I did. Don't ask.

three oh two

Thursday, Nobember 4th

Today was the craziest day, but I got to carry around all my crap in an awesome vintage bag I bought yesterday. This is how I study.

The view from campus.

three oh one

Wednesday, Nobember 3rd
Today, instead of doing homework, I had lunch with Brittney and we ended up thrifting/vintage-ing for four hours. We found a cool vintage store called Lava Living by my mechanic south of campus. They have the coolest stairs.

Tru dat.

My mechanic's waiting room.

The dressing room at Bon Bon's.

three hundred (what what?!)

Tuesday, November 2nd
Okay, I know it's another tree picture, but I love when leaves turn colors.

two ninety nine

Monday, November 1st
I like that there's a street sign in the middle of campus.

two ninety eight

Sunday, October 31st

So...Halloween that falls on a Sunday in Utah doesn't fly. So today was just another Sunday, except for these amazing poisoned apples Lauren made me :D

two ninety seven

Saturday, October 30th
Some girls in our ward put on a Halloween party. Kevin likes to eat Scrabble tiles. And tuwtyles.

To prove that I have other friends...

two ninety six

Friday, October 29th
Kevin and I went to DI to find a costume for him. Even though I look like a viking in this jacket, I kind of wish I would have bought it just because.

two ninety five

Thursday, October 28th
So the other girls' complex in our ward is across this huge construction zone which I lovingly call The Pit named after Community haha. 

two ninety four

Wednesday, October 27th
I love the world in Fall.

two ninety three

Tuesday, October 26th
I love that we just all end up together in one room with no plans and always have fun. The Game of Things!!!