Saturday, July 10, 2010

one eighty seven

This isn't all of them.

one eighty six

Pretty much all I did today at work was study.
Sometimes making money and being in school is boring.

one eighty five

We went to see the free Modest Mouse concert in Pioneer Park in SLC. 
It was cool to be there, but as everyone I went with knows, I wanted to punch 90% of the people there.
And jump the rest. 
Also there were boys climbing in trees to see the concert. Genius! If only I were a boy...
If only I had a nickel for every time I sad "If only I were a boy..."

(Then I'd have a nickel.)

one eighty four

First day of school in a week! Yesssssss.
This kid in my ceramics class has a show in Gallery 303 so we took a field trip to go see his stuff.
I was really impressed. 

one eighty three

My new friend Ali works at APX Alarm.
They get tons of benefits and a free meal for every 8 hours they work.
She took me to lunch in their sweet cafeteria and now I am in love with Ali.
Just kidding, but maybe not.

one eighty two

Don't judge me. 
This is after a night of sleeping on dirt.
Also, I grossly overestimated the amount of newspapers we would need to start a fire.

one eighty one

Sometimes we camp.
J has so dutifully informed me that we camped at a stage 3 forest. Good to know...

one eighty

Since the 4th was on a Sunday this year, and I live in Utah, and was visiting Idaho, and all those places are LDS cray cray, we celebrated on the 3rd. We drove to see the NUMBER TWO FIREWORKS SHOW IN AMERICA, otherwise known as THE NUMBER ONE FIREWORKS SHOW EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI, otherwise known as THE NUMBER ONE FIREWORKS SHOW EAST OF SOMETHIN in Idaho Falls and "barbequed" delicious hot dogs. How many girls does it take to start a portable grill? One with enough tenacity to recruit a boy.

one seventy nine

I don't think anyone has ever used that many !s following the word Idaho before...

I finally got to go up and see the J and the K again!
We floated the Snake river and climbed up some rocks and ended up in the middle of a farm.
This picture does not do this day justice, but I couldn't bring my camera with me down a river.
Let it be known that this is the day my irrational fear of drowning became rational.
Worth it!

one seventy eight

Invitation assembly is strangely therapeutic.

one seventy seven

I don't remember anything about this day.

one seventy six

Since the store I work at is at the end of a long mall, I see a lot of old people walking by that I assume will be customers until I realize they're just doin their old people thang. 

one seventy five

Red Light Green Light at FHE at the Bishop's House.

one seventy four

These are all the pieces I made in my glassblowing class. My glass menagerie...and now I have no idea what to do with them.

one seventy three

This is the moment you've all been waiting for with bated breath, I'm sure. Sorry I suck at uploading. Good thing I don't suck at taking pictures every day. Booyah, bitches.

I stayed up all night with people in my ward to watch the lunar eclipse. Two weeks later, my body clock is still off. Worth it!