Saturday, December 11, 2010

three thirty eight

Friday, December 10th

I had a date with Petey B. We did an Iron Chef competition with his roommates and their dates. I'm pretty sure I broke two glass things, we both burned our hands, and Peter cut his finger on the same glass I broke. Basically the whole process was a disaster, but we had fun and our steak was awesome. Boom.

three thirty seven

Kellie has been looking for the Keroppi watch in the McDonald's kids' meals for weeks! We finally found three and got them all.

I have worn mine every day since.

Thursday, December 9th

three thirty six

Got to talk to Matt.

Procrastinating in Campus Craft and Floral

Movie with the boys.

Wednesday, December 8th

three thirty five

Tuesday, December 7th

The last devotional of the year...and the first one I've been through since I can't remember when. Oops.

three thirty four

Adam brought Pepper over.

Angela's birthday! Kellie made cupcakes and we wore stupid masks and captain planet rings and decorated the apartment like an idiot and drew a dinosaur named Jimmy! And we went to see not-my-birthday ever!

Monday, December 6th

three thirty three

Sunday, December 5th

The most delicious chili you'll ever encounter.

three thirty two

Roommate day! Waiting for the best pizza in the werhlrrrd.

Strike a pose.

Saturday, December 4th