Tuesday, March 30, 2010

eighty four

It's time to take control of my body.

Ever since Dr. Graham brought a yoga teacher to class one day, yoga's been on my mind.
I have been going to some free classes at It's Yoga in Riverwoods. But the free classes are over, and it's too expensive to buy a membership right now.

The cheapest and easiest alternative?
That would be a $10 yoga mat and Ms. Jillian Michaels as my personal trainer (also $10).
The dvd claims I can lose up to 5 pounds in one week.
Sorry, Jillian. I'm just a little skeptical.
So here's my plan to start off: 

5 workouts a week for 6 weeks.
15 pounds.

Half the pounds seems doable, doesn't it?
Ok, so maybe 10.
Let us hope. 


Che' said...

I love that you're doing this! I'm kinda of a work out fanatic myself but it feels so good!

You can do it! :D
And tell me how your Jillian Michaels thing goes, I've been thinking about getting some kind of video also-just to mix things up a little.

Kellies said...

Thanks! Yesterday it kicked my ass. But 45 minutes flew by. I'm excited to start being good at it! I'll let you know...